About Us


Nana Spiridon

For years, friends and family have always enjoyed my hummus. Many have asked me “Nana why don’t you sell it?” Well after many years of hearing this, with the encouragement and help from my daughters Liza and Grace, I am happy to finally have the opportunity to focus on sharing this delicious hummus with you! Bringing people together and feeding them brings me joy and I find that hummus is not only the perfect way to start a meal but a great way start to a conversation.

I make authentic, homemade, Lebanese hummus, the kind I grew up on in Beirut. Food is a big part of the Lebanese culture, it is what brings people together. When I moved from Lebanon, I missed my mother's food so bringing this tradition and comfort became very important for myself and my husband.

In the early stages of starting my business, through word of mouth, I was touched that I have been able to sell over 500 containers of Nana’s Hummus in a short amount of time. It has been quite humbling to know that strangers have become friends over this one delicious dish.

I want to thank you for visiting our site. Liza, Grace and I look forward to serving you some Nana’s Hummus for your next party, game or meal time.

Thank you, I appreciate your patronage.

- Nana